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Hi from us, Shelby and Cara! We are qualified beauty therapists and eyelash technicians on the Tweed Coast of Australia with more than a decade of experience in the industry.

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If you are new to the lash industry, been in the lash industry for a while and are on the search to find perfect products from a one-stop shop supplier, you are in the right place!


When first starting off in the lash industry I think we can all relate to the hush hush world of lash artistry. People aren’t willing to offer up their recommendations on products, tell you the name of companies that sell that amazing glue that gives you the best retention, or tell you their tips and tricks on getting that nice full lush set of lashes you see on Instagram, the ones that look photoshopped. No one wants to help you, but we do!  

We are two girls that know all too well the amount of wasted money spent on products, the wasted hours of researching different brands, and the headache involved in starting a new business. So we decided to start our own company. This came with more countless hours of research, hundreds of samples, many different brands and different suppliers, but we got there and here we are! We don’t want you spending $20+ on lash trays thinking the quality is going to be amazing, for them to turn up flimsy, inconsistent  and poor quality. 

We don’t want you to have clients coming back after a week and telling you half their lashes have fallen out because of the poor quality of glue. We have trialled many glues over the past 12 months to find the highest quality, most versatile glue to keep those clients coming back.