Starter Bundle

Starter Bundle

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Everything you need to get you started at the best price! This pack Includes

1 x Eye adore supplies primer
1 x Eye adore supplies 0.05 s Boss B*tch adhesive
1 x Eye adore supplies bonder
1 x 50 pk gel pads
1x adhesive remover                                                       
1x nano mister - white                                                    1x Air con fan - pink
1x Tweezer cleaner
1x Lash cleanser & brush
1x Micropore tape - pink
1 x 50pk Lash wand
1 x 50pk Micro brush
1 x 200pk adhesive wipes                                              1 
x 100pk alcohol swabs
1 x Isolation tweezer
1 x Application tweezer
1 each x 3d pre made fans 0.07 in sizes 
8mm, 9mm,10mm,11mm ,12mm (5 trays all together)
1 each x 3d pre made fans 0.10 in sizes 8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm (5 trays all together)
1 x 0.20 Classic individual lash try

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